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Do you know an exceptional candidate looking for a new opportunity? Let us know! If we place the candidate or gain a new client, you get paid.


  • Fill out the form below to register as a referral partner.
  • If accepted, you will receive a username/password for our referral network site.
  • Follow site instructions to submit a candidate or a client.**
  • Log in to the system to track the progress of your candidate or client.
  • Get paid when your candidate is hired or your contact becomes a client.***
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** To add a candidate, you must have already qualified the candidate is looking and open to learning about new positions. To add a client, you must have had a conversation with them about using a recruiting company or have a personal relationship with them where they would be open to exploring working with a recruiter. 

*** A placed candidate is 10% of the candidate fee. A signed fee agreement from a client is $1,500 and 10% of the first placed candidate.