Coronavirus Contemplations

December 29, 2020

Like many others, this time of quarantine has given me the chance to pause and reflect on life, work, and perspective. In these concerning times, it is apparent that in order to overcome this, we are required to slow our lives down in order to defeat this offender. The virus has shown us that we cannot continue the way we are. We cannot work with selfish motives that may have negative effects on those we love, our environment, and even strangers. The virus has torn us apart (literally), and showed us that eventually our world will come crashing down if we cannot be together, and work together.

“The fastest way to succeed is to help others succeed”

But what does this really mean for us? It means having pure motives, and wanting the best for everyone. As a recruiter it means waking up and asking “How can I change someone’s life today for the better?” Instead of asking “How can I profit from this individual who showed up in my inbox”. It means making that connection, hearing their stories, and finding out what makes them excited or happy in a work / life balance. The more I learn about my candidates, the more excited I get when the right opportunity comes along, and that placement is made.

At this time, the world needs selfless thinking more than ever. Unemployment has skyrocketed, and financial stability is uncertain for many. We need one another in order to succeed. It is time to listen more, and ask ourselves how we can better serve others, which will in turn better help ourselves as well. Corona may be contagious, but so is Love.

Stay healthy,

Christopher Wolf- Executive Recruiter