How to Attract Top Talent in a Candidate-Driven Market

01.05.2019: 5 Reasons to Start a Career in Insurance.

By Insure National Owner, Chelsea Midlarsky.

I have always loved connecting people. I am the first one to introduce my work friends to my personal friends. If I see they share a common interest, I really enjoy creating “love” matches amongst my friends and family. So when I graduated from college, it was only natural I would take an interest in the recruiting business to match candidates to like-minded companies. Over the past few years, I have devoted my business matchmaking skills to the insurance industry. Why you might ask? Because the insurance industry is the best opportunity out there! Too many people are overlooking this industry as a viable career opportunity because they think it is boring, and I think it is time we change that stereotype. Here are my top 5 reasons why I believe people should explore a career in insurance.

1. Variety

No matter your skill set, the insurance industry has a position for you. Whether you studied to be a lawyer or an accountant or general business (or none of those!)- insurance has a place for your skills to thrive. People usually think of an insurance sales agent when they think of a career in insurance, but in reality, there are so many more jobs that requires a variety of skills. From critical thinking to negotiating to being tech savvy or good with numbers, there is something for everyone. (Underwriter, Resolution Specialist, Data Analyst, Investigator, and More!).

2. Growth

When I interview people, many ask about growth opportunities, so it is no secret that people want to climb a ladder. Insurance has so many professional development courses, groups, and company training programs that steer you up the corporate chain, that you are bound to move up.

3. Challenging

Working in insurance will challenge you every day. The misconception of insurance being full of boredom is so far from the truth. The insurance industry is always changing and evolving as society and technology changes. I bet no underwriter ever thought they would be insuring Taylor Swifts long, beautiful legs, but now one of them does. The insurance industry will always keep you on your toes and solving problems. If you want to work in an environment that challenges you and gives you new opportunities to learn and grow, then this industry is for you.

4. Flexibility

Work from home, work in the field, work at night. Insurance is known for their flexible schedules that accommodate your lifestyle.

5. Altruistic

Many of us want meaning and purpose in our careers. We want to feel like we are doing something good. When you really think about it, people call on their insurance companies when they need them most. That means that a position in insurance will allow you to make a difference in someone’s life every single day.

Insurance isn’t going anywhere. And with over 400,000 new positions needing to be filled by 2020, this is the time to explore a career in insurance!

7.01.2018: How to Attract Top Talent in a Candidate-Driven Market

There is no denying that the job market has transformed into a candidate-driven market. The record low unemployment rates combined with the rise of online job boards and employer review sites have given candidates more power and more options than perhaps ever before. According to a recent study, 76 percent of the companies surveyed ranked hiring top talent as their number one challenge.

Updated Hiring Strategies Are No Longer Enough

Hiring top talent candidates is not impossible, but it does require a shift in recruitment strategies. Gone are the days when you could post an open position on the various job boards and sit back and watch the applications pour in. It's true that an online job posting can still generate plenty of applicants, but it's the quality of those applicants that is lacking.

Unfortunately, for many companies, this updated hiring strategy has wasted a lot of time and resources as they filter through multitudes of unqualified applicants and still struggle to find top talent. There is a better way.

How to Attract Top Talent Today

There are several things employers in the insurance industry can do to transform their hiring practices and find the high-quality candidates they need.

Develop a Continuous Pipeline of Talent

You can no longer simply wait for a job opening to occur to start recruiting. This method not only lengthens the hiring process, but it also increases hiring expenses and makes it more difficult to find top talent. Instead, it is important to build a continuous pipeline of qualified candidates on an ongoing basis. This way when you have a job opening, you already have a talent pool in place.

Build Your Employer Brand

Building a positive employer brand in this day and age is a must. Just one bad review on an online employer review board can damage the company reputation as an employer for years to come. You can go a long way toward overcoming bad reviews by proactively building a positive employer brand image. Your employer brand should be on display throughout your hiring strategies, including on the company's website career page, job descriptions, onboarding materials and more.

Invest in Candidate Engagement

Before the switch to a candidate-driven market, employers could expect high-quality candidates in the insurance field to reach out to them. This is no longer the case. Employers must take the extra step to invest in engagement with the candidate at various touch points throughout the candidate journey. The good news is that increased engagement with the prospective candidates gives the employer a better opportunity to not just find qualified applicants but to identify the "right" candidates.

Meet Candidates Where They Are

You must develop a multifaceted hiring strategy that helps you meet the candidates where they are. While online job boards still have their place, this cannot be a stand-alone strategy, especially if you want to attract both active and passive job-seekers. Instead, you must reach out to potential applicants where they are, such as social media and professional groups. In addition, developing a mobile-friendly application process is necessary in an era where 78 percent of millennials use their smartphone to look for jobs.

Many insurance employers realize that their hiring strategies need to be updated, but finding the extra time and resources to implement these changes is still a challenge. This is where a professional insurance recruitment team can help. Partnering with a hiring agency that specializes in insurance recruitment can give you the power to find top talent candidates without wasting valuable company time. Contact Insure National today to find out how an insurance recruitment team can help you attract and identify top talent.